1Is a CCTV drain survey useful when buying a property?
For older houses, or homes with a known history of drainage issues, a CCTV survey is definitely recommended. This will identify existing problems as well as potential trouble in the future – this could affect sale price, or even affect your final decision on the property.
2Can you unblock my drains without digging them up?
If you experience recurring drainage issues – slow flushing toilets, regular blockages etc. – then a CCTV survey will help diagnose the problem without digging up your driveway. A CCTV survey can identify issues that would otherwise remain hidden, so it’s definitely useful to have a survey done if you think something is amiss.
3How do I prevent drain blockages in the future?
The best way to prevent future blockages is to avoid flushing non-dissolving/non-biodegradable items down your drains. You should scrape food, cooking oils and fats into bins, and never try to flush nappies, sanitary items (including condoms) or plastics down the toilet. Regular drainage surveys are also recommended.
4How long does it take to unblock a drain?
This depends on the size and nature of the blockage. We always will aim to resolve your problem within an hour – but it could take longer depending on the cause.
5What causes blocked drains?
Often, drains will become blocked because of the items either flushed down the toilet (sanitary items, dental floss, nappies), or disposed of down the sink (food, oil, grease, fat). However, drains can also become blocked because of structural damage or even ingress from tree roots.
6What are the signs of a blocked drain?
There are numerous visual, odorous and audible warning signs of a blocked drain, these include: – Slow draining sink – High water level in toilets – Water bubbling from drains – Sulphurous/foul odours from drain covers – Gurgling in pipes
7What areas do you cover?
We cover all of County Down, Belfast & beyond.
8How do you dispose of waste?
We offer a tanker and waste removal service. As a registered waste removal company, we dispose of waste in the correct manner as set out by British and EU standards.
9Is it my drain or my neighbors?
If the blockage is affecting your neighbours, it is likely that your Local Water authority is responsible for the blockage. If the blockage is affecting only your property, then this is most likely a private drain and the responsibility of the home owner.
10Do you offer drain jetting?
Yes we use High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment. This is our preferred method of drain clearing.
11My Septic Tank is overflowing
If your septic tank is overflowing, then there is a problem with the soak away or drains leading from the septic tank to the soak away. Septic tanks should be emptied every year to prevent the outlet drains becoming blocked. We install, maintain and empty septic tanks co. down wide.
12What is drain relining?
Drain relining is a cost-effective and no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs. Our non-intrusive methods will ensure your drains are back to perfect working condition in no time, and will remain free flowing for years to come.
13How does drain relining work?
The relining process involves the installation of a drain lining that bonds to the inside of the pipe, essentially creating a pipe within a pipe.
14How do you know if you have a sewer leak?
Here are 7 Sure Signs of Leaky Sewer Pipes: Uncommon Sounds. The sound of constantly running water signals trouble in the sewer line. ... Moist Floor. Floors that feel spongy or moist underfoot are telltale signs of sewer leakage. ... Unpleasant Odors. ... Cracks in Your Home. ... Landscape Growth. ... Rats Problem. ... Higher Water Bill
15Are you insured?
Yes. We have specific insurance combined liability cover for Industrial and domestic drain and pipe cleaning/repair, service and CCTV surveying. We also carry Public Liability cover.